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Take Your Monkey To Space And Spank Him

Illustration for article titled Take Your Monkey To Space And Spank Him

The monkeys in the U.S. space program might seem like an odd subject for an animated film, especially since scientists killed a ton of them in the process. In fact, the first six monkeys, uninspiringly named Albert I through Albert VI, all died either in flight, on impact, or right after landing. Not exactly your Saturday matinee popcorn fare, but later this year we'll have both a Space Chimps movie in theaters, and a video game featuring this crazy family of monkey astronauts.


Vanguard Entertainment, who produced Valiant and Happily Never After, is animating the film, and Brash Entertainment is making the game. They're also working on games based on Saw and 300, so you've got visceral gore and bloody battles on one end, and happy-go-lucky flying space monkeys on the other. We think the monkeys should just rebel against what the humans have put them through and they create a supercool simian space rocket and use it to fire missiles containing their own poo at the planet.

News-Space Chimps Movie Game Confirmed [Pariah's Guild]

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I hope there is a whole sequence of poo flinging...

this POS is almost finished...poor bastards...