What Are You Doing To Prepare For Human-Alien Sex?

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The biggest challenge of the 21st century won't be global warming, or colonizing Mars. Rather, most reputable futurists agree, it'll be having sex with the vastly different alien species we'll make contact with. When we finally meet extraterrestrial sentients, it will take some ingenuity to have something resembling sexual congress with them. What are you doing to prepare for this challenge?


What Are You Doing To Prepare For Human-Alien Sex?

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Corpore Metal

Bestiality and tentacle porn jokes aside, seriously though, will this really even be possible?

For a human to get all hot and bothered there needs to be certain stimuli present. What if they aren't there? Yes, sex is mostly mental but at some point there needs some basic level of stimulus there for the mental feedback loops to sustain themselves. I've heard of people who claim to be able think themselves into orgasm but most of us aren't so lucky.

If these creatures look like strangely shaped crystals, smell like turpentine or their fornication involves consuming the head of their mate it's just not gonna work for me. Call me square but it will throw off my concentration.