Eddie Murphy Plans To Shrink Our Brains

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We can only hope that this summer's Meet Dave — about a tiny Eddie Murphy inside a regular-sized Eddie Murphy, who's actually a spaceship — bombs worse than Pluto Nash. Maybe then the powers that be in Hollywood will decide the demand for miniature-Eddie-Murphy movies isn't quite as clamorous as they'd supposed, and they'll put the brakes on Eddie's remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man, to be directed by Brett "I ruined X-Men" Ratner. We can only hope. [ComingSoon]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Macloserboy: Actually, I'm not one of the people who think Rogen and Apatow can do no wrong. I'm kind of tired of them already. And I think if Brett Ratner was making a new Incredible Shrinking Man with Steve Carrell or whoever, I would still have great trepidation.