Most Disturbing Kaiju Transformation Scene Ever (NSFW)

I am disturbed on so many levels that I'm practically in ecstasy. Watching Meatball Machine made my day because it includes goofy human-sized kaiju fights, an alien invasion, barfing, drooling, piles and piles of blood, and a tender love scene (in the clip you see here) gone terribly wrong. Our hero, a shy nerd, is just about to start making out with the nice girl he's been crushing on when the shit hits the fan. Because our boy, unbeknownst to himself, has brought home a piece of alien technology. When his girl starts freaking out on him, demanding that he hold her after she confesses that she crippled her father with a lead pipe, the mecha-alien bursts out of the bag he's been hiding it in and attacks the girl. What happens next is really weird, really gross, and full of tentacles going you-know-where. Please, for the love of Korn, do not watch this unless you are prepared to see things you can never unsee. [Meatball Machine]


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Annalee Newitz

@guibom: Yeah, I think she was supposed to be enjoying/not enjoying it. This kind of scene is a staple in gundam-style stuff: for some reason, whenever ladies get enveloped in their gundam suits, they get tentaclegasms. But when men get enveloped they just scream in agony.