Fans Control the Plot via Virtual World in New Sci Fi Channel Show

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The Sci Fi Channel is letting the viewers take a crack at television writing. In the summer of 2010 Sci Fi will release a role playing game on the internet that will directly tie in to a new television show. And the users' actions in the game will help to dictate the course of the plot on the TV show. The game and show both start 80 to 100 years in our future. Sci FI won't reveal too much, except that at one point in the story there'll be an alien invasion. Still it begs the question of what to do when you have an improvising Leeroy Jenkins on your team? Would the TV writers be forced to recreate Leeroy's hilarious suicide runs? [LA Times]

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One just has to assume that their will be a significantly powered bullshit filter that will keep the moron croutons out of the soup mix.

Then again, it will seem more plausable if 5% of those playing run up to the invaders with open arms asking how Elvis is or whether or not they are the same aliens that gave them the probing behind the wood shed when they were ten.

Hell, now that I think about it, i hope their is no filter. The best stories come from cock-ups, and this will likely prove the same.