Rush-Hour Traffic On The Moon Is A Bitch

Illustration for article titled Rush-Hour Traffic On The Moon Is A Bitch

Moving to the Moon won't solve all our Earthbound problems, such as overcrowding and traffic jams — especially if we have to stay within tunnels and domes. This ridiculously cute art piece by the University of Memphis' Justin Burns won NASA's lunar art contest for its mildly dystopian look at a future Moon colony. At least the rocket bike (with the mudflap girls) looks cool. [NASA Art Contest via HobbySpace]


This seems like a horribly bad idea. Or better than we have here depending on your cynicism. My first thought was what it would be like to watch the traffic report in the morning and listen to a news anchor remind you to pack at least three standard oxygen units because a crash was slowing traffic in the outbound transport tube. But once I thought about this I realized that traffic wouldn't be a sustainable problem.