Let's Run Away To The Big City In The Sky

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The landscape work of concept artist Robert McCall invites us to explore new space cities of the future. In a movie world where we spend most of our time watching remakes and adaptations, we often lose the wonder of visiting a totally new world, so McCall's sweeping imagination provides a great escape. McCall's professional work is a staple among scifi art: He created the poster for 2001: A Space Odyssey, designed space travel stamps for the US post office and was the governments go-to artist for the murals at the National Air and Space Museum. Check out the attention to all things space-tastic in a full gallery after the jump.


[McCall Studios]

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I have a book of his art, "Vision of the Future", I think it's called. With text by Ben Bova. There was art from a cancelled "War of the Worlds" remake that looked amazing. I used to pore over it for hours as a kid. I was such a nerd then - Should have looked at playboy instead I guess.