Dancing Decepticons + Cartoon Electronica = Awesome

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There may never be a more surreal moment of pop-cultural weirdness than this fanmade YouTube video that mixes 1990s dance classic "Born Slippy", comic classic Scott Pilgrim and... well, dancing Decepticons. Seeing is believing under the jump.

The video, remixes the already very disturbing Lucky Star Decepticons video before giving it a new soundtrack that happens to be a cover of Underworld's "Born Slippy" by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. Why does it do any of these things? I have no idea. And for some reason, that makes it all the more perfect.


O'Malley commented on the mix:

It's just weird at first, but once the beat kicks in it gets kind of great.

He's not lying.

Decepticonboooy AMV (Kupek's Born Slippy Cover) [YouTube]



ugh: *this* is the real reason why youtube is the death of society: not that people do non-sensical remixes, because there can be value in dichotomy, but what is the *point* if there is going to be no functional connection with what is displayed on screen and what is heard?

of *course* it takes work to make things vaguely sync up: but when you just take random video a) and add random song b) it looks like shite, and this is such a glaring example of "not even phoning it in" it hurts.

(of course, i also believe you should have to pass a strict licensing exam in order to be allowed to posses photoshop, in an effort to eliminate shitty 'shop jobs from the web).

at least nobody has called it a "mash-up" yet. Christ.