Star Wars Clone Wars Debuts New Alien Friends And Foes

Star Wars: Clone Wars debuted two new clips at San Diego Comic-Con, showing us new alien races and tons of clone soldier deaths (I'm counting two decapitations, just in the clips). Director Dave Filoni sat down and talked plots and spoilers with us afterwards, including what Star Wars characters of the past will look drastically different in Clones and how the Clone-death ratio will skyrocket in this series. Full recaps and clips after the jump.

According to Filoni the first clip (above) shows Obi-Wan and Anakin stranded in the Outer Rim on the planet Christophsis. There's plenty of firepower and clone killing, and finally a new alien warthog race. I will say, although it looks exciting I'm a bit worried about the all of the "war scenes" that will be in this series. I worry that the continuous all-out battle will get tedious.


The second clip from the actual series (that hasn't been released wide yet) gave us a closer look at two new characters and we finally got to see Ahsoka Tano in action. She sounds like a little girl (as she should) and has a ton of the Skywalker spirit in her. In this clip we see a green faced lady Jedi who appears to be Ahsoka's original Master. They've captured Gunray, and are transporting the prisoner to the dismay of General Dooku and the Emperor. The Captain of the of the ship looks fantastic and is another new character. During then interrogation of Gunray little Ahsoka whips out her light saber and shoves it under the prisoner's neck. The evil sith lord sics his bald apprentice Asajj Ventress onto the ship to kill them all. There's new tech aplenty in this Clone Wars. I'm already pretty excited about the spider robots and the burrowing bots.

But more than the clips I'm excited to see what this fan-turned-director Filoni can do. He's already expressed great interest in giving more background story to the lesser known characters. Here's a clip of him meeting with reporters after the panel and explaining who were gonna see talk for the first time, secret Star Wars language and his fascination over the internet's obsession with killing little Ahsoka.

Filoni explained in the panel:

The movie is one big complete idea: introducing a new character. In the series, we had a real opportunity to do really unique things with Star Wars. We can deal with just the ground troops on the front line with the clones. We can take obscure characters out the backgrounds of scenes, like Kit Fisto or Luminara or Plo Koon, and say what were they like? What did they sound like? How did they interact with the troops?

Also I like the little nuances with the clone soldiers that they've spread throughout the story. For example the clones graffiti their rides with Star Wars gang signs, one group's even called the Mama's Boys.


They better at least show some clone commandos, in this or the upcoming series.