Has Russell T Davies Destroyed The Daleks?

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Have the Daleks been rendered dramatically impotent by overuse in Doctor Who? That's the theory behind a new essay online, whose author argues that we've seen too much wholescale destruction to allow Russell T Davies' favorite alien overlords to seem threatening ever again.Digital Spy's Ben Rawson-Jones feels that we've not only seen too much of the Daleks, but we've also see them completely destroyed too many times:

Rose Tyler's absorption of the Tardis vortex allowed her to disintegrate every Dalek in existence (apparently), which was a sudden plot twist that tied in with the ongoing 'Bad Wolf' story arc. Fast forward a year later and the Daleks are out in force and dominating the Earth's skies. Rose Tyler pulls a lever and suddenly all the Daleks (except the Cult of Skaro) fly into the Void and out of reality. Job done. Most recently in 'Journey's End', Donna Noble has to flick a few switches in the Crucible and, shock horror, the Daleks go doolally and blow up. All of them. In seconds. Again.

Just as importantly, he argues, even when the Daleks aren't being genocidally defeated, they still seem ineffectual:

[T]here's a danger of returning to the days when Daleks would scream "exterminate" several times until their intended victim was able to escape. This happened to both Wilf and Sarah Jane in the latest season finale, although one trigger-happy Dalek at least managed to strike The Doctor with a glancing shot. Still, even that didn't do much damage. Are they starting to fire blanks?


While the Daleks were never able to kill off any series regulars, he's kind of got a point; when was the last time that they managed to exterminate anyone of any real importance to a storyline? Maybe one of the first things Steven Moffat should do when he takes over is to create a couple of redshirts to create some sense of pathos when the evil pepperpots inevitably return. He could even call one Scott Hall. Cult Spy: The Impotence of the Daleks [Digital Spy]

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