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Yes, it's time for our every-few-months psychotronic, holistic, non-pornographic survey. As ever, we use this survey find out more about you so that our nice advertising department at Gawker Media can sell more ads in those wee sidebars, and thence allow io9 to continue thriving as the commercially-sponsored free thing that it is. In addition, those nice advertising people are sweetening the pot by offering you a chance to win a $300 Visa gift card if you fill out the survey (winners will be picked at random by fiendish mutants). You must complete the survey before next Wednesday the 20th to win. So go ahead and take the damn survey already — it will only take you 10 minutes.

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Most questions seemed ill constructed to survey this unique community. I know ya'll are heavy varied drinkers given this survey, but didn't know ya'll are brand-namers.

Limiting what I like most about site to 3 choices was hard, what I liked least was easy. Or was that vice versa. Forget it, since page 1 wasn't multiple choice I think I failed anyway.

God, I could use that $300. I need me some Prada-Fendi to up me on the value demographic, right?