Watchmen DVD May Be Even Longer Than 3 Hours

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While plenty of you seemed to be ready to spend three hours - or even more - in theaters watching Watchmen, co-creator Dave Gibbons let slip that an even longer version may be waiting for fans on DVD while speaking at an event this weekend. But the changes made to create the even-longer-than-the-Director's-Cut edit of the movie are some that will correct a decision that many fans initially saw as a mistake.Speaking at the British Film Institute, Gibbons hinted at plans for the movie's second planned DVD release:

Dave has seen a 2 hour, 45 minute rough assembly of the – in his words – "very sexy, very violent" movie which he expects will receive an 18 certificate from the British censor. There's no Black Freighter animation, that will be released as a separate ‘Animatrix' style DVD and probably (eventually) be remarried with the live action film in a future ‘Absolute Watchmen' DVD release.

(The term Absolute Watchmen refers to DC Comics' deluxe hardcover versions of their comics, which collect storylines with background material and often - as is the case for Watchmen - recolored pages to reflect updates to printing technology; the end results are called Absolute [Name of Book].) But still: A version of Watchmen complete with Tales Of The Black Freighter animation? Somewhere, a million Alan Moore fans are very happy indeed. Dave Gibbons Q&A, and the Watchmen SuperTrailer [TimesOnline]

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I hope the extras will include video of Dan Dreiberg at an ornithology convention reading his essay "Blood from the Shoulder of Athena". That's my favorite of the backup material in the original issues.