Military Exo-Suits Are On the Way

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U.S. military troops won't have to wait decades for useful exoskeleton robo-suits. According to the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (SSC), development plans are on track to deploy the suits in a few years. Which soldiers will get the suits, and what roles will our cyborg supersoldiers play?SSC (also known as Natick, for the Massachusetts town where it's headquartered) is currently testing suits built by Sarcos and Raytheon, but they have some issues to resolve before the are deployable. The biggest problems, literally, are the power sources. They're too large and heavy, and don't last long enough. The other issue is safety. The primary function of these suits will be to help soldiers lift heavy objects, such as missiles or crates full of supplies. Giving one person the ability to do the work of five is awesome, until a hydraulic line blows out. Imagine having a 1,000 pound crate of MREs land in your lap. Exo-suits in the field are definitely going to require redundancy. But the fact that the military has identified the areas that need improvement and is working on the development is a good sign. This isn't pie-in-the-sky technology any more. Image by: gadgetguide. Exoskeleton Update. [Defense Tech]


I keep flashing back to Evangelion and those umbilical-cord thingies they used to power them during fights. Now someone just needs to invent a real-life arc reactor.