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Giant, Super-Intelligent Bears Beyond the Dimension Door

OK, so it's like fifty years in the future and the planet is dying of pollution or war or something. And a corporate mogul guy invents teleportation technology that allows him to terraform a remote planet with some kind of mega-oxygen-producing plant. In indie B-movie Savage Planet, though, you can ignore the cool teleportation and terraforming and all that stuff. Because it's really about giant, savage bears. A team of researchers and the corporate mogul pull a Stargate and pop through the teleporter to investigate "Planet Oxygen" and figure out whether the planet can be used as a new Earth for pollution refugees. What they find are . . . giant bears, with super-intelligence, who see in pink-o-vision. And they are hungry for human flesh! If you like classic B-movies, Savage Planet is going to disarm you. I love that there is this insane, sciencey setup just to put a "people running from bears" plot into motion. [Savage Planet via IMDB]


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Please excuse my cuelessness, but what is it with io9 and bears lately? It's the second bear B-movie mentioned in the last couple of days, plus there was the mention of zombie bears in the RAH fan letter thread. I'm feeling a bit perplexed: why bears? - unless it's just because they're AWESOME. That makes sense.