McG's Terminator Baby Never Had The Cameron Blessing

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Even though McG's announced at Comic Con that he wouldn't move forward without James Cameron's blessing on Terminator Salvation, Cameron doesn't seem to remember bestowing such a favor on the Terminator 4 director. Cameron revealed to a Canadian paper that not only did McG not have his blessing, but he's never actually seen or heard anything about the script.In an interview with the National Post, James Cameron bluntly explained his supposed "blessing" over McG's new Terminator baby:

It could be a big steaming pile or it could be brilliant. Sam Worthington is in [Cameron's new film] Avatar and the new Terminator and he likes the script, but I never saw it. There was no blessing involved.

Oooh snap, I hope he was mis-quoted or joking because McG went to great lengths to prove that he and Cameron were on the same page as far as a Terminator 4 project. McG even said he cast Worthington in T4 on Cameron's recommendation. I can't wait for the director catfight to ensue! I'm actually more shocked that this didn't get out sooner — it's like he was waiting for someone to ask him. [National Post]

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I don't care if James Cameron and McG have a Hollywood slap fight. What I want to know is this: what grown man calls himself McG?