John Larroquette Teaches Sexiness Lessons. General Grievous Takes Notes.

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It's only the second week for Chuck, and already the guest spots are starting to pour in. Thank god it's the hilarious John Larroquette. In other TV news the Knight Rider team hits the beach, General Grievous is still up to no good, Ben 10 Alien Force is back, and Stargate Atlantis brings us more Shanks. We have tons of clips and minor spoilers, below.Monday: The John Larroquette gusts stars on Chuck this week, as a seasoned seduction artist who needs to teach Chuck how to get into the pants of one red hot Russian Sasha Banacheck (Melinda Clark). Adding Larroquette to this weeks "Chuck Vs The Seduction" is just one of many guests stars Chuck has planned for the season, but let's face it — does it get much better than a little Larry? Chuck is on 8 PM on NBC. Larroquette Yells At Chuck:

"Don't Call Her Missy"

Sylar the sweet heart? Sure, why not? This week on NBC's Heroes, the Peters have to fight their cheerleading niece, who has gone evil (clearly marked by her new choice of hair color) and Sylar gets all cute and cuddly. The new episode "I am Become Death" is on at 9PM. Clips Of Claire Bennet Sharing "Secrets" With Nathan Petrelli:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles gives Derek Reese another chance to be a bad ass and yell at all his recruits, teaching them a thing or two about guns and heart (of course you gotta have heart to fight the machines). SCC is on Fox at 8 PM.

Two episodes of sexy thigh-high-wearing Anime girls in Gurren Lagann on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. On Charlie Jade's "Bedtime Story," our futuristic private dick gets sentimental about how much time he's spent in Beta, and wonders how it has changed him now that he is back in Alpha. Jade airs on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM. Tuesday: There is a Tales From The Darkside marathon on the Sci Fi Channel from 6 AM until 4:30 PM. No Fringe This Week. Movies: Follow sexy strapped Angelina Jolie to find the Cradle Of Life, in the second Lara Croft Tomb Raider on TBS at 10 AM. Wednesday: Last week Mike Tracer taught us how to be a man. This week, KITT and Mikey hit the beach with their stereotypical hot assistant in "Knight Of The Iguana." The new Knight Rider is on NBC at 8 PM.

Thursday: Smallville's latest episode "Instinct" is gives us a shocking new scantily clad lady, Maxima, an alien princess. She's searching for her alien mate (a Kryptonian) but her out of control sexuality kills a lot of humans in the process. Smallville is on CW at 8 PM. Watch Maxima Get Freaky With Some Poor Soul:

Movies: Fight your way to the top with Arnold in The Running Man on TBS at 2:30 AM. Ponder how it was that you could wipe away a man's memory and then bring it back in order to fight aliens and save the world one more time, on Men In Black 2 on TNT at 9:45 PM. Mostly notable for the giant toilet flushing scene. Friday: A new Ben 10: Alien Force brings us a new bad boy. There's a new villain in town, and his name is Darkstar. The episode "Darkstar Rising" is at 9:30 PM on Cartoon Network. New Clone Wars, "Shadow of Malevolence" follows Anakin's brainy plan to attack General Grievous' ship. That's at 9 PM on the Cartoon Network. Shanks is back for the second half of our big two-parter on the new Stargate Atlantis episode "The Lost Tribe," on the Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM.

A new Sanctuary episode dabbles with witches in the real world on the Sci Fi Channel at 10 PM. Movies: Wanna see Charlize Theron clad in leather and kicking ass in a crazy future filled with robot spiders and needles? (Who doesn't?) Aeon Flux is on TNT at 2 AM. Saturday: Miss your Chuck? Don't worry — NBC repeats this week's new episode at 9 PM. The city's canal system gets breached by an anomaly, and now species from the future can walk in and out as they please. Time to call the Primeval gang to fix the monster mess over at BBC America at 9 PM. Movies: Watch Ryan Reynolds piss off the world's best day walker Blade in Blade: Trinity on TNT at 5:30 PM (plus the gratuitous Jessica Biel muscles make it worth DVRing for sure). Sunday: This week the shit really hits the fan over at True Blood. "Cold Ground" makes everybody uneasy, as the murders start to stack up and the families that once loved each other begin to rip each other apart under suspicion. True Blood is on HBO at 9 PM.


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No fringe. Now my week is ruined. Nothing to look forward to watching on friday. :(

Oh well. reruns it is.