Killer Pics From Terminator 4, Earth Stood Still, Torchwood & Fringe!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

New set pics from Terminator 4 and The Day The Earth Stood Still give you a sense of the kind of widespread military deployment went into both movies, but T4 shows more actual destruction. Speaking of which, some new images from the end of Torchwood season three and next week's episodes of Fringe and Heroes give away some pretty major plot twists. Also, we dug up some dirt on Watchmen and the new Wolverine movie, plus a few snippets about 2012 and Repossession Mambo. And we read a ton of Chuck script pages. Plus there are spoilers for Knight Rider and Stargate Atlantis. Picture spoilers are your short-cut to full spoilage! Watchmen: Cinematical saw the same Watchmen footage we did, and noticed a difference from the graphic novel. When Nite Owl and Silk Spectre break Rorschach out of prison, they don't sound a horn that immobilizes the prison security, as in the book. Instead they just jump off the Owl Ship and start busting heads. Rorschach is conveniently already in his Rorschach outfit, and he meets up with them. [Cinematical] Wolverine: Producer Lauren Shuler Donner provided a few details about next year's X-Men spinoff. The film borrows from the 2001 Wolverine origins miniseries, including the stuff about a very young Logan. We'll see a "darker and sadder" side of Logan. There's no Stan Lee cameo, unless they insert it digitally. And Shuler Donner hopes we get a Deadpool spin-off film. [Coming Soon] 2012: Danny Glover plays the president of the United States in Roland Emmerich's disaster movie about the end of the Mayan calendar. Each of the characters deals in his or her own way with the destruction of the world, which is visible all around them. [Sci Fi Wire] Repossession Mambo: The other upcoming movie about artificial organs which you buy on credit stars Jude Law as Remy, an organ repo man who's full of artificial organs himself. He can no longer afford the payments, so he goes on the run. Also, Alice Braga plays a character who has her whole life ahead of her... until something about her body changes. [Sci Fi Wire] Terminator Salvation: A couple new T4 set pics show what looks like a guard uniform, and a helicopter on fire. (One more image, plus more details, at the link.) [Cinemablend] The Day The Earth Stood Still: These new set pics don't really reveal much, except that someone has a sweet ride. And maybe Fedex/Kinko's is secretly behind the alien attacks? [Movie Spoilers] Fringe: On the other hand, here's a pic from next week's episode of Fringe that seems to reveal a pretty major spoiler. Look who's back! [Fringe Bloggers] Torchwood: And speaking of spoilery pics, here are some set pics from the final episode of the five-part Torchwood miniseries. Looks like the Torchwood HQ, the Hub, gets well and truly trashed. And that woman dressed in black may be behind it somehow. The woman tells the paramedics searching the rubble there's no rush. Eventually, the paramedics take away a small body bag in a private ambulance, possibly containing Jack? [Planet Gallifrey] Heroes: And here's a screencap from next week's episode showing Arthur Petrelli in a hospital bed. [Heroes Spoilers]

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Lost: Even more set reports from the island-castaway show. Another eyewitness saw Ben and Sun and Desmond together, and this time Jack was there too. Jack, Sun and Ben had the trusty carpet-cleaning van that we've been seeing everywhere. They met up at a Catholic school, which may have been doubling as a church. Sun and Ben have a very serious conversation, and Ben pulls something out of his bag and gives it to Sun. It was small — possibly Jin's ring? And then Desmond shows up and they all go inside the building. Sun had her gun the whole time. Everybody seemed pretty friendly with Ben. Sources speculate this means Desmond has to go back to the island with the Oceanic Six. [BuddyTV] Chuck: We got hold of a ton of script pages from episode 12, the one about Morgan and Chuck's friendship. As we reported, it starts with a flashback to when Morgan and Chuck were kids, and a girl named Suzie beats up kid Morgan, until Chuck comes to the rescue. Turns out Morgan spied on her doing jumping jacks in gym class. Morgan hopes when he finally grows a beard he gets a girl. The rest of the episode deals with Anna's new boyfriend, Jason. Morgan sort of skulks around them. Meanwhile, Chuck realizes Jason is a gangster who wants to blow up the Chinese ambassador by planting a bomb in an antique Rolls Royce at a car auction. At one point, Jason and his gangsta friends (with names like Smooth Lau, One Ear, Needles and Joe Lucky) see Morgan hanging around and think he's a spy. Chuck convinces them otherwise, telling them Morgan is a disturbed individual who's stalking Anna. Morgan is crushed, and it doesn't work anyway, because the gangsters see some spy gear and think it's Morgan's. Chuck, Casey and Sarah all infiltrate the gangsters' ranks at the car auction, with Casey using a knock-out binaca spray on One-Ear. (Later, One Ear comes to and says "I remember you" to Casey. Casey says it's just that One-Ear remembers that sharp kick int he mouth, and then kicks One-Ear in the mouth. Ha.) Casey wants Chuck to hang back because he's the "poster child for friendly fire." But Chuck discovers the gangsters have put Morgan in the trunk of the Rolls Royce, which as a bomb in it. He drives off after the Rolls in the Nerd Herd mobile. But the Chinese ambassador, driving the car, doesn't believe Chuck and thinks his warnings are a trap. Casey runs after the Nerd Herd vehicle and jumps on the roof. Oh, and at some point Sarah and Anna have a heart to heart, and Sarah points out that Anna keeps praising Jason, her new beau, by comparing him to Morgan. Maybe Anna still has feelings for Morgan? In the end, Jason wants to flee the scene before he and his buddies get arrested. He presents Anna with two tickets to Bermuda, so they can flee together. But Anna realizes she still cares about Morgan. Jason says he doesn't care about Anna's feelings, and then Morgan shows up and manages to punch Jason out. Morgan almost tells Anna he loves her, but just manages "really like you." Then they make out. [Script pages] Stargate Atlantis: Here are some promo pics from season five, episode 17, "Infection." [SpoilerTV] Knight Rider: It's your favorite show — which is also now one of the highest rated SF shows on TV! Here's the description of episode 6, the one where Billy from BSG dresses as Captain Jack:

TRICK OR TREAT – HALLOWEEN TURNS DEADLY WHEN A TECH IS MURDERED INSIDE KNIGHT INDUSTRIES HEADQUARTERS — An infiltrator murders a tech inside Knight Industries headquarters and the team must find them before they kill again. Meanwhile, Mike (Justin Bruening) and Sarah (Deanna Russo) are stuck on a flight during a storm and must try to stop KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) before he self-destructs.


[SpoilerTV] Also, a producer says we'll find out what happened to FLAG in episode 13. And the KITT vs. KARR storyline hasn't been forgotten. Whew! [Knight Rider Online] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.

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