7 Deleted Scenes From Galactica's Fourth Season Answer Some Burning Questions

No more waiting for the special features from the Battlestar Galactica Season 4.0 DVDs. We've got 7 clips that were never aired right here. Find out who has more guilt than they're letting on among Galactica's crew, why everyone hates Starbuck, and finally get some answers as to why Boomer loves Brother Cavil enough to give him naked dances. Yes there are spoilers if you haven't seen the episodes that have already aired.In the first clip above, Baltar says goodbye to his imaginary 6. No I Love You More: Starbuck is in the brig again, but Apollo comes to lay on the sexual tension. Old People Are Cute: Adama and President Roslin chat about religion, briefly. "Toaster" Is An Ugly Word: Starbuck gets put in her place by Athena. Backstabbers: The rebel cylons say one thing and then do another. Bad Chief Chief decides to end this marital spat once and for all, with his hands. Lovers: Athena blames herself for Gaeta's leg. [Thanks to Michael]


Ursula Hitler

Also, I'm not sure if Tyrol is supposed to be strangling Callie for real, or if this was a fantasy he was having. The clip cuts from the strangling to him with the baby, and I'm not sure. Was this how she was originally going to die?

(Damn, this clips are QUIET. Anybody else have trouble hearing them? I probably missed half the dialogue.)