Hasselhoff Puts Final Nail In Knight Rider Coffin

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The one saving grace that might have swayed people to watch NBC's new Knight Rider series has been ripped out of the cast's hands. David Hasselhoff (who was the main character in the original series) will no longer be appearing as a guest star in some upcoming episodes. It sounds like there was a disagreement about how to handle the character — but seriously, NBC, you couldn't change things up for the Hoff?In an interview with Buddy TV, the Hoff announced he would not be making the grand cameo, which is pretty much the only reason for making a new Knight Rider in the first place.

"I went in and pitched Knight Rider to the network with all the intentions of coming back as, like, the dad or something. But they decided to go a different route. So I just said 'See ya later and good luck.'"


Sheesh, if this show stinks so bad that not even Hasselhoff will go near it, you know it's circling the bowl. Hoff made Anaconda III, for KITT's sake. [Yahoo]

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crashedpc /sarcasm

Heehee, KITT sounded like an epithet. I tried to watch this show but I kept blacking out. Do I have a medical problem?