Frigid temperatures in the small town of Verkhoyansk in Russia's Sakha Republic have led to the formation of an unnaturally large pack of livestock-hungry wolves. In the past four days, 30 horses have been devoured by this massive pack. Temperatures in Verkhoyansk can hit -56.2° Fahrenheit, and this particular cold winter has limited the wolves' food options. Says wildlife behavioralist Dr. Valerius Geist:

It is unusual for wolves to gather in such numbers of hunt large animal like horses. However, the population of their usual prey, rabbits, has decreased this year due to lack of food, so wolves have had to change their habits. Wolves are very careful to choose the most nutritious food source easiest obtained without danger - which in this case happens to be horses. They will start tackling dangerous prey when they run out of non-dangerous prey.


The town has assembled 24 teams of hunters armed with snowmobiles and helicopters to deal with the burgeoning wolf problem. Several years from now, we will see this incident recreated as a SyFy original picture under one of the following titles:

Super Pack
The Fanged Flood
Fear Rode In On 1,600 Feet
The Town With Way Too Many Wolves

[Via The Daily Mail. Photo: Caters News Agency]