40 Unseen Moments From Your Favorite Movies

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Just as you finish up your t(of)urkey leftovers, we thought we should share some movie leftovers with you. Say, 40 deleted scenes from movies like Star Wars, The Dark Knight and Star Trek? Click through for excised joy.


Star Wars
Whether it's Han Solo's unseen girlfriend, Anakin preparing for a podrace or a very human Jabba, these ten clips show that George Lucas' space opera was more fun before it was edited.


Star Trek
Klingon torture! William Shatner's original death! Skydiving Captains! Ten clips to give you a good feeling about what you've missed so far.

Robot Movies
Never mind the Transformers, it's the Terminator material amongst these five clips that are must-sees. Especially the Arnold bit from T3.


Super-Heroes Can Save Us
Fifteen clips from Iron Man, Hulk, the X-Men movies as well as Batman and Superman's long careers on celluloid to remind you that sometimes, deleted scenes can add little to a movie - and sometimes, they can add an entire character. Go check out the Superman clone you've never met before.


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Leia and Solo making out was pretty much the only actual sexual expression out of the entire Star Wars Saga (the green slave girl's boob and Leia slave girl outfit doesn't count.) Might have done Lucas a world of good if he added some sex to Star Wars. No wonder they needed clones.

As for Sgt William Candy, I'm glad they cut it. That was pretty stupid especially when Candy sounds like what one would consider the stereotype of a Southern fried idiot.