40+ minutes of 30+ years of hilarious Star Trek bloopers

The word "hero" gets used a bit too much nowadays, but I think anyone who takes the time to find and assemble a 41-minute compilation video of every single Star Trek blooper and gag reel he/she could find may have genuinely earned the title. This video (which CBS/Paramount will probably not leave up too long) contains ridiculous flubs and outtakes from The Next Generation, Enterprise, the old movies, and even the J.J. Abrams movie. Let''s just say there are worse ways to start your day than watching 40+ minutes of the crew of ther starship Enterprise crack up and they bust take after take.


[Via Cinema Blend]

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There's no Star Trek show by that name, I'm fairly certain. But then again I've been drinking a lot of bleach every since I tried to watch Voyager.