Pot could replace Ritalin as the cure for hyperactivity in children. A group of 124,000 physicians is lobbying the government to make it easier for them to study and prescribe marijuana to their patients. Once they've fully studied the drug — something that hasn't happened before — they're anticipating finding a lot of new, legitimate medical uses for the drug. Like calming hyperactive people down.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog:

The American College of Physicians, 124,000 members strong, has issued a 13-page position paper asking the federal government to drop marijuana from its classification as a substance considered to have no medicinal value and a high chance of abuse . . . "They've said essentially that the federal government has it all wrong," Bruce Mirken, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, [says].


We may discover that it's better to have a bunch of hyperactive kids taking small amounts of pot rather than Ritalin, which has all kinds of creepy side-effects and isn't, you know, natural.

Internists Ted Feds to Lighten Up on Marijuana [WSJ]