4 major Hollywood directors fight for Wicked, including J.J. Abrams

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The Wicked movie adaptation is picking up steam, with a lot of Hollywood directors in the running. But it makes us wonder: What would a J.J. Abrams musical look like, and how fast would the actors have to sing?


Deadline is reporting that the contenders include Abrams (Star Trek), James Mangold (Knight and Day, Walk The Line), Ryan Murphy (Eat Pray Love, Glee), and Rob Marshall (Chicago). We're biased in favor of Abrams, for obvious reasons. But we would also love to see his take on the strong women in Wicked, a character type he loves to play around with, and isn't it time Abrams made a musical? As for Marshall, if he gets the project, we just hope he's learned from his mistakes on Nine.

Wicked is based on a novel of the same name, that tells the "true" story of the Wicked Witch of the West, and her roommate in magic school, Glenda. Basically, everything you know is a lie. And the scarecrow is really hot.

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I know he's doing Avengers but... hellooo... Joss Whedon.... kinda has this thing called Dr. Horrible and a few other musical credits.

I like the thought of either Ryan Murphy or Rob Marshall at the helm though. And while I have nothing but love for Menzel and Chenowith, some fresh faces in those now iconic roles of Elphie and Glinda (the Gah is silent!) would be great too.