Find out what woman Mulder is really after, in new clips from FBI paranoia movie The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Also check out Father Joe (Billy Connolly) trotting along the ice following his creepy visions while another character gives an unwanted guest a face full of rake. You can cut the tension between FBI agents Mulder and Scully with a knife. Seriously, now that another X-Files movie is in the works, how are they going to keep this up? I have a terrible feeling that this movie will be all long looks back and forth, with crickets chirping in the background. Eventually Mulder and Scully need to give in and have paranoid red-headed children that hate aliens.

So Mulder is still looking for his sister, sigh. I thought the addition of all the new characters like Dakota Whitney, Father Joe and Rapper Actor would spice it up, but it looks like they are going back to the same old thing. We'll have to hope that Callum Keith Rennie can save this movie with creepy side glances and alien experimentation.