The first episode of Stargate Atlantis Season 5 drops three small but super-concussive bombs, and our ears are still ringing from watching it. Click through to see additional images from the first episode and for more details, including spoilers.

Holy flashback cameo, it's an interesting turn to see SGA bring back Ford. Who didn't love Wraith enzyme super druggie Ford? While it was never concrete whether Ford died in the Hive or not, I hope they bring this character back. Having Ford around also helps give Sheppard a bit more depth, by making it appear as if he's not just a handsome cowlicky devil, but also has a past. But how will they do it? Surely they didn't bring this actor back for a two seconds glimpse? My guess is he continues to plague Sheppard's dreams and them reappears later in the season, completely mutated.

But I digress — Sheppard awakens from his sleep and finds himself trapped under the debris of evil wraith Michael's compound with Ronon Dex. They all traveled there to stop Michael from stealing Teyla's baby. Remember, Teyla has "the gift" and Michael wants her child because he'll be an "Instrument of change." The Stargate crew heads to the secret compound, but get there too early and fall prey to a secret trap that dumps the whole building on top of them. Dr. Rodney McKay is also trapped under rubble where he discovers Michael's Wiki. (Yep, he calls it a Wiki.) This hard drive comes in handy later when the crew get's saved and realizes that they need to board Michael's cruiser in order to save Teyla.


There is a lot of good buddy time between Ronon and Sheppard stuck underground. Plenty of "You leave," "No, not without you" dialogue. Ronon even pulls some sort of debris out of Sheppard's side, and he doesn't die because NO ONE EVER DIES ON THIS SHOW.

Massive bleeding wound aside, Sheppard and the gang get back to their ship and distract Michael long enough to board his Cruiser. Sheppard disobeys Col. Samantha Carter's orders to stay put and says, "I have more respect for you than any other commanding officer I've had." Majorly foreshadowing for her eventual firing and Shepard's soon-to-be-weekly sparring with the new Commander Woolsey (more on that later).

On Michael's ship they save Teyla and McKay is forced to deliver the son by "catching" it. Easiest childbirth in the history of television. She had contractions for an hour and was in actual labor for what, 5 seconds? Then they all run out of the ship because Teyla is never tired. Oh and she named the baby John — barf! After her father, and after Sheppard.

All appears to be well. They've rescued Teyla and her baby, and might even be able to help save Kenon (Teyla's baby daddy). Michael's cruiser is blown to bits, but don't even for a second think he's dead because you know the Stargate motto: No one dies on this show.

Cornel Samantha Carter takes the first Stargate back to Earth under the guise that they caught the last Ba'al clone — oooh exciting, why couldn't we bring HIM to Atlantis? Yes, fingers crossed for more Ba'al clones, or just Ba'al himself.

Richard Woolsey is there waiting for her and explains that the IOA wants someone with a different skill set running things at Atlantis, so she's fired. Take a bow, Carter (her contract was up anyhow). And now onto the big fun with bookish Commander Woolsey. This will not sit well with anyone over at Atlantis, thank god.

So what do we have? Possible Ford flashbacks, or maybe more from this character. Teyla's baby is out and I'm ready to see what its gift is. And finally, Woosley is running the show. It should also be exciting to see if they pick up the Teyla/Sheppard love story. Sounds like a promising year.