Argentina's most famous alien-fighting superhero is set to star in his own movie, directed by Lucrecia Martel (whose The Woman Without A Head is appearing at Cannes right now). In El Eternauta, an alien invasion begins with a lethal snowfall that blankets Buenos Aires. The snow kills most of the city's residents, and our hero, Juan Salvo, aka El Eternauta, leads the few who remain against the invaders, going toe-to-toe with the aliens' army of giant insects. Eventually, Salvo is mutated and becomes a superhuman alien-fighter. El Eternauta is based on a 1950s graphic novel by Héctor Germán Oesterheld.

Here's a synopsis of the original comic:

An atypical "snowfall" in Argentina heralded the start of an alien invasion. The glowing "snow" proved to be deadly to terrestrial life, killing everything it touched. The man who became known as El Eternauta was inside a house with his family and some friends, and thus survived the initial attack. With food and other supplies running low, he set off wearing a scuba suit to find help, and later began to resist the alien incursion. To begin with he was a normal human, but later on during his adventures he was mutated to become somewhat superhuman. His adventures also started to take him further afield when he began to travel through time and space. As he declared, he had hundreds of names, but the most accurate is El Eternauta - the man who travels through eternity.