In the zoos of the future are giant blue spiders, caged as a spectacle for the amusement of puny human tourists. I can't help but think of Free Willy in this picture, yet I don't know if the monster would let a small boy ride him out to his home planet. Concept artist Marc Gabbana helped design the beautiful landscapes and buildings of Naboo in the Star Wars prequels. Gabbana tinkered with the tripods from War Of The Worlds lending his mind to the alien's snake-like camera limbs and helped make Zion a reality in the Matrix sequels. But Gabbana's own personal work is just as fantastic as all the blockbusters he's worked on. Gallery, including fighting robots, scenes from the future and aliens, after the jump.

When asked where he came up with his scifi ideas Gabbana explained, "Reality is pretty boring. I want to find out what's around the corner." He will be teaching a workshop this June at The Gnomon Workshop and has plans to put out a book of his own artwork.

[Marc Gabbana]