How do you update the origin of a hero like Captain America, whose comics storyline is so closely tied to one particular era? Turns out you don't even try. Marvel's Kevin Feige explained to IESB how 2011's Captain America movie will handle his rich backstory. He also addressed reports about a certain armored hero's tinkering with the Captain's shield, and casting rumors.

The First Avenger: Captain America is one of a bevy of upcoming Marvel movies announced earlier this year.

It'll be set during World War II just like in the Capn's comic book beginnings. He hinted that this movie would try and stick very closely to the original comics, in which Captain America fights in World War II and then gets frozen in a block of ice and reawakened in the present day. Feige addressed Tony Stark work bench rumors, and confirmed that yes, that was Captain America's shield you saw in the Iron Man movie. But, it it was just a treat and won't have any impact on the new Captain A. story. And finally there will be no shirtless stammering version of Captain America, since Matthew McConaughey has not been cast in this film. [IESB]