A kaiju is a giant monster like Cloverfield or Godzilla, and there have been some pretty insane ones invented over the years. The discerning kaiju aficionado has exposed herself to creatures great and large, from the giant ass in Rectuma and the giant rat-bat-spider in Angry Red Planet, to the giant chicken in Guilala (pictured above). Now one of the web's foremost experts in giant monsters, Kaiju Search-Robot Avery, has brought us the definitive list of the 20 weirdest giant monsters ever.

Of course there's Rectuma, which poops its way across the city.

And then there's the enormous garbage monster of Milpitas, which may only be funny to people who have actually been to Milpitas.


Top honors go to Guilala, the giant chicken. I give special props to the rat-bat-spider from Angry Red Planet at left. Avery, whom I personally think should win the giant monster Nobel prize for his tireless work to promote the kaiju genre, has limited his selections to original giant monsters. Which is why you get such amazing monsters in the list.

I love Avery's introduction to the top 20, where he talks about what's scary/appealing about kaiju:

Perhaps massive scale scares you — the helplessness that comes from feeling small and insignificant? What of the giant that could stomp his massive foot and destroy with ease the very place that you so fondly call home, your safe haven? What of the huge monstrosity that, with the slightest flick of its humongous tail, could reduce an entire city block to rubble? For such a beast to appear anywhere would cause the masses to flee through the streets in panic, trying to escape its unnatural hugeness.


I have always identified with the giant monster, so it never occurred to me that these monsters might be scary. You mean I might be the one stomped, instead of doing the stomping? Huh.

Check out the whole list. I guarantee much amusing diversion.

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