On the heels of Iron Man's radical chest surgery, Jason Statham sports a huge-ass incision down the front of his chest, plus bloodied scratches, on the set of Crank 2, which is filming in Malibu. An evil Chinese mobster has stolen Chev Chelios' heart. And no, not in the "love that dare not speak its name" kind of way. Amy Smart is reappearing in the sequel and, Bai Ling plays a hooker that follows Chev around trying to help. Nasty set pictures, spoilers — and details about Crank 3 — after the jump.

Our previous spoilers detailed an angry 100-year-old Chinese mobster who stole Chev's heart in order to make him a 'horny teenager' again. The gangster, Hu Dong, replaces Chev's heart with a battery-operated machine. On top of it all the machine stops beating every so often and Chev needs to shock himself to keep it working.

Hopefully Chev will get his randy heart back in time for Crank 3. In an interview with Collider, writer/directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor revealed that Crank 3 would be in 3-D. Photos by INF/Goff. [Collider via Staham Fan]