Transformers 2 starts filming in three weeks, and already the screenwriters are letting more details slip out about who's joining the Decepticon posse. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who also wrote Star Trek) revealed some details on who's out, and who's more than meets the eye, in next year's robot action movie.

Kurtzman and Orci explained the direction they want to take the Transformers franchise in. There will be character catch up with Shia's character and his girlfriend. Are they still making out on top of Bumblebee? They even promise that Transformers 2 won't be as science fiction light as the previous Transformers. It will, "deliver on a true Transformers story."

But finally Orci spills the beans that both tape deck Soundwave and cassette Ravage will be joining the Decepticons in this Transformers Movie, Orci explains, "we had Ravage in an early draft of the first movie and Soundwave, and we couldn't do it right and I think this time hopefully we'll have the ability to do it." Soundwave?

Yet neither of them addressed how they are going to update Ravage to something they can sell to the kiddies. And what will Ravage transform from, surely not a cassette? What about an MP3 player? Your move Steve Jobs. [IGN]