ACME has been the go-to place for hundreds of our favorite cartoon character's weapon needs. Who could forget wielding the ACME Disintegrating Pistol from Duck Dodgers in the 24th 1/2 Century? The Acme Online catalog lists just about every single ACME product to ever grace the animated screen. After the jump a list of some of the greatest ACME scifi inventions.

You should probably buy the ACME Disintegrating Pistol from Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2 Century along with the Integrating Pistol in case you accidentally disintegrate something.

ACME Anti-Nightmare Machine from Drafty Isn't It? Able to aid in convincing young men to enlist in the armed forces. Check out the name, Willie N. List.


ACME Dehydrated Boulders used by Wil E. Coyote in Scrambled Aches, just add water.

ACME Do-It-Yourself Tornado Kit which was in Whoa Be Gone


ACME Earthquake Pills from Hopalong Casualty — not effective on road runners.

ACME Atom Re-Arranger featured in Martian Through Georgia


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