We're trying to help you get over your spoiler addiction by force-feeding you spoilers. It makes perfect sense! Today's dose: a new clip from Dollhouse showing Tahmoh Penikett (Helo!) and Eliza Dushku in action. An intriguing casting call for Transformers 2. Yet another batch of completely weird Doctor Who rumors. An interesting Lost tidbit, and a cool Dragonball photo. And a batch of pics from Saturday's Spectacular Spider-Man, including a certain costume. You're halfway to being cured of spoiler-mania already.

Transformers 2:

Transformers 2 put out a casting call for Asians, aged 5 to 65, for an upcoming shoot in the Bethlehem, PA area. Bonus points for Asians with military experience. [Heery Casting, via Comic Book Resources]


Here's another image of Justin Chatwin as Goku (and Emmy Rossum as Bulma) from the Dragonball movie. [First Showing]


Hey, here's a new clip from Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, all about the mindwiped zombies who can be anyone you want them to be — if you've got the money. Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica looks pretty studly in that suit. But other than that, this scene merely confuses the heck out of me — what's the subplot about Echo (Eliza Dushku)'s sister? Is this Echo's "real" personality or just one of her programmed personas? Who sent Echo's photo to Tahmoh? Some of these things will probably make sense when we watch the episode (I hope) but others will probably be deep chocolately mysteries. Only, what, seven or eight months until it starts? [Seat42F, via Galactica Sitrep]

And here are a few new spoilers from the pilot, some of which aren't that surprising. The "personality imprint" the Actives (like Echo) receive includes muscle memory, so they can perform complex tasks. The Actives have Handlers, who monitor their missions internally and remotely. The Handlers won't eavesdrop on a mission unless it involves illegal activity. And after each mission, the Active will feel a burning need to return to the Dollhouse to be wiped. Supposedly the Actives volunteered to live in the Dollhouse — and at the end of five years, they receive a ridiculously large sum of money, with no memory of what they did during that time. The Actives' missions are only supposed to last 10 hours, or the "Imprint" gets strained. But lately, some missions have been lasting much longer. [Pink Raygun]

Doctor Who:

Rumors about the Doctor Who season four finale continue to spread, with people citing very reliable sources. People are still claiming that Harriet Jones (former prime minister of England) becomes a super-Dalek, Davros is back, and there's "war on Skaro." Oh, and we'll also see more of Dalek Caan, the last survivor from the "pig slaves" episode. He's been battered and chained up and half-dismantled and attached to cables and the mutant inside is exposed.


And now there's a persistent rumor that we'll see a smidgen of Paul McGann — who played the Doctor in the 1996 TV movie — teaming up with David Tennant in one of the 2009 one-off specials. Seems unlikely, but the rumors are persistent. [Doctor Who Forum]


The "spectacular kiss" in the Lost season finale (two weeks from last night) takes place between Sawyer and Kate. And here's a picture of it, from the promo that aired last night:

Spectacular Spider-Man:

Oh, and speaking of "spectacular," here are some new images from Saturday's Spectacular Spider-Man, including more images of the Black Cat in action. Apparently she tries to steal the Venom symbiote and "gets the drop" on Peter Parker. Says writer Matt Wayne, in a release:

Black Cat is definitely flirting with him - she doesn't know that he's only 15 - so she considers him a man, she assumes he's available, she's going for it, and he's reacting like a 15-year-old... Considering what Peter Parker has been through the whole season, I think it's great we can throw another girl on the fire and have him react this way. It's really capturing what it feels like to be a 15-year-old boy.

Plus here's the first look at Spidey's black costume.