What happened to the crew of the Protector after their ship crash landed into the scifi convention? We asked Scott Lobdell, writer of the new Galaxy Quest comic, based on the comedy movie about actors who meet aliens who have taken their old science fiction show way too literally. After the jump, check out an exclusive gallery and find out it Fred and his alien love Laliari are still together, why they're back in space and if Gwen still has the ridiculous cleavage she sported in the movie. Lobdell also spilled the beans on his new project, a sorority-slasher-meets-Groundhog Day movie.

Q: Why did you want to write a Galaxy Quest comic?

I think that Galaxy Quest got short shrift by being identified only as a Star Trek parody. When there really was a lot more going on in that movie. Galaxy Quest the comic will show you more of the mythology of the show, the actors and their relationships and the adventures they go on. You get to see more of the characters and see how their lives have been affected by the movie.

Q: Does the comic take place right after the movie ended?

The comic book opens with the final scene from the movie when they are showing the title sequence for the new Galaxy Quest series. The idea is that the actors are watching a screening for the new show, hoping it will get picked up and they can all have their old jobs back. But during this process a few terrible things start to happen in space and the government asks the crew to pilot their ship out to space and check it out. As we know from the movie the ship was made based on the actors movements and actions so no one else can work it. The government has no choice but to send the cast up in space.

Q: How are all the old characters doing?

Well you find out that the network that is working on the new Galaxy Quest series has agreed to kill Dr. Lazarus. So Alexander Dane is torn between staying in this character that he says he hates, or exploring new characters. Gwen DeMarco is in a relationship with the head of the studio. She still has affection for Jason Nesmith, who is now dating a young starlet since his fame is on the rise. Readers will get to see how the movie changed each character, especially Jason. Fred Kwan is trying to have a child with Laliari, which you see the results of in the fifth issue [featuring] the human/thermian love child.

Q: Are there going to be repercussions to crash-landing a space ship on Earth?

Yes the second issue reveals a lot on what happened after they crashed the ship into the convention center. A character [named] Colonel Stetson is trying to convince the world that it didn't happen, he's leading the government cover-up. After the crash, the crew spent a lot of time in Area 51 being tested and experimented by the government.


Q: What else are you working on these days? What about Hell Week? Wasn't this originally called Half To Death?

It was in the original script, but now it's Hell Week. It's teen slasher meets Groundhog Day. The main character is a catty sorority girl. She's the chick who nobody likes but gets murdered right away. But then she keeps living the day where she is killed over and over. The main character has no idea who the murderer is but each time she dies she rules out one suspect. She also becomes a better person through this process and begins to appreciate those in her life more. It takes place in a sorority during the 'hell week' period.