Here's the naughtiest view I've ever seen of the spot between two cylinder blocks in a 1940s airplane engine. Specifically, it's a shot Elsie took of the Daimler Benz engine, which helped power the Messerschmitt 110 that Rudolf Hess flew to the U.K. in 1941. This precisely the kind of mechanical engineering porn that's going to become popular when artificial intelligences and autonomous robots form a target market for smut peddlers on the internet. Want to see what else the fully-sentient spawn of your iPod is going to search the net for late at night?

This is a Mitsubishi 4G32 engine that's been all taken apart and repainted. It looks so naked and vulnerable. And it has that amazing, long exhaust manifold . . . that just needs to be connected to something. dave_7 took this picture, and I'm certain he never thought a horny robot of the future would be drooling over the size of his exhaust manifold.

Jeff Kubina took this shot that looks deep inside the Saturn 5 rocket — you can see just a hint of the engine that lurks inside. It's sort of the close-up gonzo view of an engine. Seriously hot, if you get what I mean.

If you just can't wait for a world packed with artificial intelligences, you'd better be prepared for their porn. Luckily, the internet is already full of it — which means some things in the future may stay pretty much the same.