Samuel L. Jackson graces the cover of Comic-Con Magazine as The Spirit's Octopus. Good to see he's sporting the signature gloves, we'll have to let director Frank Miller do the explaining for the fur coat. Jackson, a self proclaimed comic fan, actually brought books for Frank Miller to sign while filming The Spirit according to the cast at New York City's Comic-Con. Full picture, plus all of the Octopus' weirdest secrets (with minor spoilers), after the jump.

Supposedly in the movie, the Octopus is a meek lab assistant who reinvents himself as a psychotic horror that kills anyone who looks upon his face. In the original comics, the Octopus has the memorable name of Zitzbath Zirk, and he is apparently killed when trying to blow up the city's power plant. But he later comes back disguised as his own mother, and then jumps into an incinerator, escaping unharmed. Here's his original origin: