Last-minute problems may be plaguing the drunken superhero comedy Hancock. This Saturday Will Smith was seen in full Hancock gear filming last-minute reshoots in Times Square. How is this possible for a movie set to release on July 2? Sadly, it's not a good sign for our leather-clad hero. More details on the reshoot, set pictures and more Hancock troubles after the jump.

After a couple of test screenings and the trailer, Hancock and crew were seen filming in New York City this Saturday night. How is this possible with the release date steadily approaching? Maybe they are searching for a new ending that will allow them the PG-13 rating that sources say they're having trouble getting. With the movie reportedly including scenes of Hancock shoving a man's head up his behind and unleashing destructive sperm, it's no wonder they're struggling with the MPAA. Hopefully Hancock can get his crew in gear for their release in July. (To be fair, Smith's last movie, I Am Legend, reshot its ending in November, only about a month before its mid-December release date, and it did great.) [The Bad And The Ugly]