Check out all the new Bat-toys in this new Dark Knight TV spot that came out last night. Not to mention new scenes of destruction and mayhem. But I still don't know how they'll be able to top the tumbler from Batman Begins. It's also good to see that Nolan's second Batman is chock full of witty banter. Also, check out a gallery of Joker stills — including the most startling image yet — under the fold.

Here are some new high-res Joker stills that came out, some of which are totally new. I can't believe the crazy shot of the Joker taking off his clown mask to reveal his real clown face underneath — like a mask behind a mask. Or is the painted clown face the Joker's "real" face? I'm also loving the Joker in what almost looks like and old timey "pistols at dawn" kind of duel. But instead of a pistol it's a semi-automatic. Plus the Joker leaving his calling card.


If you look closely at the face paint in some of these shots, you can see skin....any chance we'll see joker without the black and white make-up? Either way, he looks hella psychotic scary, and Mattel apparently agrees. is reporting that Mattel is worried that the 'Heath Ledger' figurines are so frightening that children won't buy them. So collectors are scrambling to get copies of the original, canceled figures, there will be a new, "friendlier" animated-style children's version in stores soon.

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