James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) is set bring his flair for darkness to the science fiction movie Revelation. It's his first non-Wachowskis-produced project (he's also directing their Ninja Assassin movie.) And it has everything: ritual murders, alien abductions and weird conspiracies.

According to Variety, "The story centers on a female journalist who is assigned to investigate a series of bizarre murders and discovers that the victims were all being treated by the head of an org that researches alien abductions." Wow so many questions. What do they mean bizarre? Bizarre like they died in clown suits of will be there wonderful horrible gore? Will there be aliens? And finally why make the main character a journalist? I feel like there are only 5 jobs for women in movies, journalist and secret agent being two of them. It's exciting to let McTeigue get his hands in this, he's pretty crafty with conspiracy theories and cover ups. First he worked with machine cover-ups, then government conspiracies now aliens. He's like Mulder. [Variety]