Lucas Films has released the trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars in all its shiny, CGI glory. Everything mechanical and alien is quite sharp. The B1 battle droids look just as CGI crisp as they always have, but this time they actually blend with the surroundings. And the computer animation agrees with orange Jedi Padawan Ashoka Tano as well as with the green Nautolan. But as for the actual human beings, they stick out like a sore thumb. Update: We now have the full trailer.

Anakin is a completely different person, and Count Dooku's beard looks ridiculous. Also, none of the human voices seem to match their characters. So the new look for the Jedi's definitely lives up to the promise that this is a, 'Star Wars Like You've Never Seen It Before.' But with many of the characters being of a different species, like the baldy butt kicking Asajj Ventress, it works.