The original science fiction swashbuckler, Buck Rogers, is coming back to the big screen โ€” and writer/director Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit) may be involved. How will the pulpy Buck mesh with Miller's trademark candy-coated noir style? Click through to find out.


Even if Miller does direct Buck Rogers, the film may not turn into a collection of long pauses, weird monologues and sexy ladies. Production company Nu Image/Millennium films plans to include some humor and hints to the old series. IGN reports that, 'the cheapness of the low-budget effects will be a running joke in the movie, which will retain the campiness of the 1980s TV series interpretation." (For a look at Miller doing humor, check out his recent All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder comic, which features Wonder Woman calling a man "spermbank.")

The $40 million dollar flick will be written by Flint Dille, who penned the 1990s Buck Rogers graphic novel. We know Miller will make it sexy, but will he remake the theme song? What about Twiki, how will Twiki translate in Miller's black and red pallette films? [IGN]