A whole squadron of killer lobsters attacks comedian Bill Cosby and his wife, in this bizarre sequence from scifi comedy Leonard Part 6, which Cosby wrote and produced. "The offensive will start immediately!" proclaims Gloria Foster's sequin-addicted supervillain. But really the offensive started about 70 minutes ago, including Cosby doing the Jane Fonda workout, Cosby doing ballerina movies to avoid a killer ostrich, and Cosby throwing exploding hotdogs and hamburgers at Foster's squad of evil cackling vegetarians, who want to take over ALL of Northern California. Yes, even Benicia.

The movie's plot revolves around a high-tech sphere that controls the minds of animals and turns them into killers, including horses, bees, and — in the movie's one funny sequence reminiscent of — bunny rabbits. Leonard Part 6 shares with the original Star Wars the distinction of being Part X in a series despite being the first movie released. Unlike Star Wars, however, Cosby's bizarre saga never got its prequels. Sadly.