No longer will your menacing miniature armies fight over cardboard boxes and upside-down cups - a series of 3D prepainted terrain sets by Gail Force Nine will make those Mech-on-Mech battles even more vivid than your imagination. Most of the sets come apart to reveal a blasted, ruined version of the same backdrop, which is perfect since that terrain was only there so it could be hammered by long range missiles anyway.

Speaking as someone who has personally fought a Mechwarrior battle over a reactor whose cooling tower looked suspiciously like an empty bottle of Coke, the Reactor set (pictured) is the ideal target for your assault lance to obliterate. The City Block and Manufacturing Facility sets will also see heavy combat, while the Wilderness set adds a touch of color. Each piece is cast in resin and fully painted and comes with a unique Battlemech. If cotton ball smoke bombs aren't cutting it anymore, Gail Force Nine also has laser-cut plastic smoke and fire markers. They have licensed products for a few other sci-fi miniatures games as well, including AT-43 and Warmachine. Image by: Gail Force Nine.