A ballerina from the English National Ballet dances next to a two-meter-high robot snake, which looks every bit as graceful as she does. Maybe the future of robotics isn't dancing little humanoids or cute puppies, but a nice sinuous snake that can slither around your house cleaning your floors and picking up after you. They could be standard equipment in every home within a few years. Click through for more cool robot images from the Streetwise Robots event at the London Science Museum's Dana Centre.

The snake-bot is the work of Merlin Robotics, Nottingham Trent University and the Edinburgh College of Art. Also on display: the Shadow Robot company's dextrous hand robot, which uses 40 Air Muscles to achieve 24 movements. It's the most advanced robot hand on Earth. (At first, the Getty Images captions were a tad confusing, and made it seem as though the dextrous hand was part of the robot snake. Which conjured some frankly bizarre mental images.)

Images by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.