If you could control the Cloverfield monster what city would you attack first? That's just one of the pressing questions raised by the Cloverfield manga. Sadly, now that an English translation of the Japanese-language tie-in comic is finally availalble, it doesn't explain all about the monster as we'd hoped. If anything, the extra backstory, about a little boy who seems to become the monster's best friend, just adds to our confusion. Spoilers ahead.

The manga follows two story lines that later converge forming one giant question mark. First, readers meet a little Japanese boy named Kishin who is mercilessly bullied and beaten. The second story takes place off the coast of Japan where a Tagruato ship possibly awakens the Cloverfield monster and becomes its first victim.

Kishin's family history is a bit muddled, but we discover that his beloved mother and distant father are both closely connected to Tagruato and to the monster. So much so, his mother had Tagruato's prized secret, a pod discovered next to the monster on the sea floor, implanted inside Kishin. He is later kidnapped by a crazy group of masked cult members that want to slice him open and use the pod to become gods. Even Kishin's own father wants to take his life. Meanwhile the monster is ripping up Tokyo and shedding his nasty little parasites everywhere.


With everyone clamoring for the death of little Kishin, there only seems to be one way out: ride the Cloverfield monster to safety, of course. Who knew that Kishin had the power to use Cloverfieldy as his personal steed? The final panel of part three, with Kishin standing on the monster's head, proves otherwise. But still leaves this question, if this is the prequel to Cloverfield, what's Kishin got against New York? The final installment is coming out sometime this month. [Dada Is Everyhere via IllusionTV]