Check out some quality Wolverine zingers in this new trailer for Wolverine and the X-Men. The animated series takes place after Professor Xavier has been attacked by an unknown enemy and left in a coma-like state. His psyche comes back, in giant floating head form, warning the mutants that their future is bleak unless they fight The Brotherhood. Tons of glorious mutants in the trailer after the jump, plus more news on Marvel's plans to release another kiddie-focused animated series.

Magneto's mutant haven, Genosha looks a bit like the emerald city, and Professor Xavier's wizard impersonation isn't doing much to hinder the comparison. There were so many mutants in this clip I lost count, was that The Hulk and burqa sporting Dust? Plus more Sentinels, which the X-Men never tire of fighting. The cartoon series will air on Nicktoon in the summer of 2009.

But if the bleak genocide storyline and running mythology of the X-Men cartoon isn't your cup of tea, there's antoher Marvel cartoon on the way, aimed at a demographic of 6 to 8-year-olds. It's titled the Marvel Superhero Squad and will feature all the greats including, Captain America, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. They're living in some kind of stylized superhero city and fighting villains like Doctor Doom every week. [Illusiontv and Marvel]