I dare you to name a movie sillier than Freejack, a gooftastic flick from 1992 with Mick Jagger as a futuristic bounty hunter (in the year 2009!) who grabs people from the past and sells their bodies to dead rich people whose minds are stored in a giant mainframe. Too bad he messes with race car driver Alex, played with maximum slack by Emilio Estevez, demonstrating how far the poor guy had fallen since Repo Man.

You may remember the mind-bendingly retarded car chase from this flick, but you haven't lived until you've seen the great "club scene" — featuring Mick's then-girlfriend Jerry Hall. Alex's lady pal has taken him to this club to hook him up with a dude who can make him "disappear." So there's Jerry to look at, but also the fashion. Ska glam? Hippie ska glam? Oh my. Luckily Alex gets dosed with something and winds up doing a drunken interview with Jerry while Mick watches and plays a lame "futuristic videogame." And to think all of this will be happening next year in 2009! Whoa.