On the auction block at Bonham's last week were two strange items: a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite from the dawn of the universe (left), and two chunks of fossilized dinosaur poop (right). Which do you think sold for the most money?

Weirdly, it was the dinosaur poop, a relatively common item among fossil hounds that normally would sell for about $1000 U.S. But this time, it got snatched up for nearly twice that, while the meteorite didn't sell at all. Maybe that was because the beautiful rock (a slice of which you are seeing above) started bids at over $2 million U.S. Made of palasite, a common metorite material, the big rock was found in China. Supposedly the owner has plans to sell it to a private party.


Dinosaur poop chunks, known as coprolites, are so common that you can even buy jewelry made out of them.

Dinosaur Feces - 1; 4.5 MYO Meteorite - 0 [Environmental Graffiti]