At the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California over the weekend, imaginative geeks came from all over the world to share their weird projects involving everything from robots to DiY helicopters. One project that got my attention was something mentioned by Adam "Mythbusters" Savage in a presentation he gave yesterday. Apparently, he's been working for years on a recreation of the Zorg Gun from The 5th Element (you can see Zorg demoing it in this clip from the movie).

How can Savage deprive us like this by not finishing it up? Apparently he's trying to reverse-engineer the prop piece by piece, using pictures. He's convinced that he's figured out most of the off-the-shelf items used in it, but still hasn't quite make the complete gun. Here's my suggestion: make a REAL Zorg gun on Mythbusters. Well, OK, I would be cool with just the ice cube system part. And maybe a discussion about why it would be impossible to engineer the "replay" bullet feature. Or not impossible? Bust this myth!